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Current Project: Keto To Completion

Steven is currently pouring his heart and soul into helping keto dieters reach their goal weight. Do you know someone who's struggling with keto? Send them to

Working with Steven

Steven Rabulan & Haley Ressl

Welcome! I'm Steven Rabulan.

I'm currently focused on helping keto dieters stick to the diet so they can reach their goal weight. To learn more about Steven's coaching and courses, visit

I was born and raised in Skokie, IL and moved to Lakeway, TX in 2020 to start a family with my fiancee, Haley.

I went to University of Illinois at Chicago for a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. I like trying my hand at different domains; I've been a wedding DJ, photographer, web consultant, and internet marketer. I consider myself an "intrapreneur" and web developer at CraftJack, a child company of ANGI Home Services.