Hey! My name is Steven Rabulan.

If you've tried keto but keep gaining the weight back, I'd like to share my story with you.

In 2017, I had been struggling to lose weight for 10 years. During that time, I went through phases of trying different diet and exercise programs. I'd typically lose little or no weight, but I always gained the weight back. I'd get discouraged, hang my hat up for a while, and then something new would come along. My weight typically hovered around 225 pounds, and an "XXL" shirt fit tightly on my body. I simply assumed I was just "genetically predisposed" to being fat; a part of me just accepted that I'd just be a big guy for the rest of my life.

225 pounds, July 2016

Despite my situation, there was also another part of me that was determined to figure this area of my life out. Over the years, I started hearing more and more about the ketogenic diet. It sounded like a weird and possibly dangerous diet. I was desperate to lose the weight, so I went forward with it despite the risk. Unfortunately, it played out the same way my previous diets did. I lost weight quickly in the short-term, but eventually reverted back to my old habits and old weight. This reinforced my belief that I'd just be a big guy forever.

My mindset shifted when I found out I actually wasn't supposed to be "fat"

Then, one day, I took a "23andme" genetics test and stumbled on a section of the health report that shocked me. It said I was actually pre-disposed to be at a "normal" weight.

Regardless of whether the test had any validity, this was a sign of hope. Before that, I didn't believe I was supposed to be normal. This helped me give myself permission to do something about my weight because I felt like I had a fair shot. Since my first keto experience wasn't terrible, I decided I’d put some effort into making it "stick".

Getting to my goal wasn't an entirely straight path. I'd lose some... then gain most of it back, but I was consistently losing more weight than I was gaining. I set out to get to 185 pounds. When I got there, I re-assessed, and realized I wanted to lose more fat. I ended up losing 75 pounds in total; from a max of 230 pounds down to 155 pounds. 50 of those pounds came off in one year alone, and I got there without much physical exercise, honestly.

50 pounds lost in 2018 from the keto diet

I discovered a few things along the way that made the keto lifestyle easier and more sustainable. Some of those things were:

  • Certain types of exercise can actually hamper your results.
  • Just because a food is "keto-friendly" and fits your macros doesn't necessarily mean it will help you lose fat.
  • There are key things you must put in place, otherwise you run the risk of losing all your progress.

Basically, if you focus on the wrong things, it will feel like keto isn't working for you. For that reason, I highly recommend scheduling a free keto troubleshooting session with me.

What I'm Up To Now

155 pounds, August 2019

I no longer have a specific weight goal, but I do have an ideal physique I'd like to move closer towards. I'm shooting for 8-12% body fat year round and putting more meat on my bones.

Other than that, I've quit my other side hustles as a DJ and photographer to focus on coaching other people through their own weight loss journey.

Why I Became A Coach

When I needed to get more consistent results in my own weight loss journey, I could have used someone in my corner to steer me away from time-wasting mistakes and hold my goals clearly in front of me while I put in the work.

I want to be that person for you and accelerate your results, so you can free up your focus on the other things you'd like to accomplish in your life.


I believe we're only able to focus on our greatest strengths when we have the main areas of our life (health, wealth, relationships, etc.) handled. There are high leverage "nuggets" I've learned in each area and I want to share them. Right now, I'm focused on helping people get to their ideal weight so they can move on to focus on other parts of their life.

If you'd like to finally get to your ideal weight, book a free, no-commitment keto troubleshooting session with me.

Other Projects

You might have navigated to this site because of my previous vocations as a Web Developer, DJ or Photographer. I'm currently focused on my calling as a Coach and Entrepreneur. You may use the contact form for all inquiries.